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As a California CPA firm with extensive experience in real estate accounting, Keytax CPA understands the unique set of compliance, cash flow and tax issues that businesses in this industry face. We’ve helped many real estate brokers, agents, and investors minimize taxes and increase profits. We also keep up on tax regulations that affect your real estate businesses and make sure you’re taking advantage of all available tax credits. Whether you’re seeking TAX advice and preparation, bookkeeping and payroll support, or assistance developing business plans and financial statements, Keytax CPA can help.

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Need assistance with your tax return filing? Our California CPA Tax Services team can help with all your tax preparation.  Whether it is a business tax return or a personal tax, you and all your tax filing needs are in expert hands. Our CPA will minimize your taxes to the extend legally allowed and manage your tax audit risk. Leave it to us.


Properly forming and maintaining a corporation will provide personal liability protection to the owners or shareholders of the corporation for any debt or liability incurred by the business. Personal liability of the shareholders is normally limited to the amount of money invested in the corporation.


Books are a mess? Keytax CPA provides optimal accounting solutions that enables your business be more profitable and stay in compliance with state and federal laws. We take care of your books so you can put all your energy in generating profits. Keytax CPA Accounting Services give you the financial information to make crucial decisions for your business and make sure that you have a healthy cash flow.




Keeping up with payroll can be a drain on the resources of any busy small business owners. Keytax CPA is ready to relieve you of this responsibility by providing affordable payroll solutions that can be customized to suit any small business.  Our full service payroll option is perfect for busy small business owners. You enter the hours and we do the rest! Guaranteed calculations and tax filings.


I’ve used other tax firm before and it is night and day difference. The level of service and professionalism from Nguyen gives me a whole new respect for woman ran businesses. It’s very hard to maintain 5 stars on Yelp and the reason for that is in the level of detail Nguyen provides.

My files were complex and Nguyen invited me back in the office so she can explain the details, she spent extra time to calculate alternative filing before finalizing.

I was prepared to pay a premium but instead, I paid half what I used to pay at the old firm I used in Milpitas. I’m really happy with Nguyen.

Khuong T.

Nguyen is very detail, fast and patient. I came to see her without much preparation. She was able to guide me and get my tax done in a timely manner. She points out many possibilities for me saving time and money ! She explains in details what she has done and how she files my case.

Certainly a great CPA and someone can rely on when comes to your tax! Highly recommended!

Diana S.

Diana S.

My previous tax person was irresponsible and didn’t respond to my text about filing so I had to look for someone else before the deadline. Thanks to yelp I found Nguyen and she helped me file and get everything sorted out. She even sent me the verification and all the information to me while I was overseas. She’s so knowledgeable and gave me lots of tips on how to file correctly. Thank you Nguyen, your the only person I trust from now on.
Lily D.

I’ve been searching for a good place to do my taxes at a reasonable price recently and came across keytax. So I decided to schedule an appt. I came in and did my taxes and let me say this place is amazing! Nguyen helped me understand everything that was going on and walked me through everything step by step and often repeated everything to make sure I really knew what was going on. She always doubled checked all the information that was getting used was correct, which assured me there would be no mistakes. I’m really glad I choose to come to keytax! I will definitely be coming back to see Nguyen again next year! Highly recommended.

Surena N.

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